Dream Theatre is best known for its professional service. We handle all projects, big or small, and deliver them on budget and on time.

Our experience with Home Theatre design and Electronics povide you with over 30 years of combined building experience. If you have any questions about how we can help you acheive your dream theatre, please contact us.


Providing great design and master craftsmanship can be seen in how we handle the large projects. Smaller projects are handled with the same precision. Our design is based on not just aesthetics, but also on the functionality and technology that will be your dream theatre.


Our retail side provides you with the best equipment available on the market. Our product lines vary to suit your needs and budget.


Effecient project management should be the heart of every project. Without it, the project cannot be delivered on time and on budget. We have a thorough process for delivering our products and designs. Our priority is with you, the client, and our crew is selected to deliver. Having the project management all in-house, allows us to maintain continuity in our product and eliminates the need to compromise our standards. This means, you will receive your project exactly as you want it.


Home Theatres are more complex than just receiving electronics and plugging them in. A properly designed theatre requires a room that will function to enhance the properties of your equipment. When deciding on your home theatre or media room, there are many elements to bring together. Our free consultation will asses your project and will provide solutions that match your budget. No project is too big or too small, all projects are unique, and we approach them with this philosphy. We are confident in delivering the best experience you can get.


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